Why use Cactus Frontline?

It's Cost Effective

For your contact centre, high street recruiters can’t provide the focus that specialist agencies provide, yet their fees are consistently 10-15% - meaning that you’re paying a premium for candidates who aren’t necessarily qualified for the role, and who haven’t been screened for the specific skillset that contact centres require.

On the other hand, if you don’t use agencies and you prefer to recruit directly, you’re probably feeling the pinch when paying hundreds of pounds to advertise your roles on job boards, or in print media. This is where we’re at an advantage – the number of roles we recruit means that we can afford to advertise your roles on Monster, Reed, and all the key job boards, as well as niche boards such as Call Centre Helper and Call Centre Search, at a minimum cost to you.

It Saves You Time

Plus, the hours you spend speaking to candidates who don’t necessarily have the telephone manner, attitude, or who just aren’t quite right, 

can be saved by our dedicated account managers, who will call all of the candidates that make it on to your shortlist before sending them to you.

With their wealth of experience, they’ll be able to spot the perfect agents and hand-pick them for your call centre.

Fully Screened Candidates

Those candidates that make the final shortlist will also be asked to complete a personality profiling test, which will assess their suitability to work in a contact centre environment – ensuring that your shortlist really is of the highest quality.

We Know Our Social Media

On top of all this, our social media savvy is second-to-none. Here’s a few stats:

  • 96% of recruiters now believe that social media has an important role to play in finding talent, with 19% seeing it replacing traditional sources such as job boards and print media.
  • 69% of HR professionals cite a lack of knowledge as a reason for not engaging social media in recruitment.
  • 82% of candidates respond positively to contact through social media.

All of this means that social media seems to hold the key to the future of recruitment – and our experience in social recruitment means we’ll be at the forefront, finding the best candidates before anyone else.

So – in short, the Cactus Frontline approach is simple. We’re experts in our field, and we believe in making the recruitment process as simple, and as high value, as possible.

It’s the evolution of contact centre recruitment – and it’s time to adapt.